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In case you didn’t know, the majority of the world get their information from two sources:

1. Google. 2. Social Media.

Studies have shown that brands who engage on social media platforms enjoy a higher level of loyalty from their customers. Every post you make is an opportunity to gain more followers and convert those followers into customers. Interacting with customers in such a manner is a show of good faith, of personality and good nature. Social media also allows your brand the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the consumers interests, behaviours and thoughts.

In our modern age, with 95% of Australians utilising social media, it would be detrimental not to have a social presence. Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are a home for your business. They help connect people to your business, but it is Facebook adverts that help people discover your business.

Just as you run campaigns for your business in the physical world, you can do the same on social media. Social campaigns are versatile and more effective when targeting audiences.

Why Adzoo?

Social media and SEO work hand in hand, ensuring your business visibility across multiple platforms. Management of both are possible when you hire adzoo.

adzoo consultancy | digital agency | creative agency | branding agency | Perth marketing Create and maintain a strong presence

adzoo consultancy | digital agency | creative agency | branding agency | Perth marketing Content creation

adzoo consultancy | digital agency | creative agency | branding agency | Perth marketing

Digital integration

adzoo consultancy | digital agency | creative agency | branding agency | Perth marketing

Detailed and & transparent reporting

How do we do it?

Build your presence and gain loyalty.

Put your business where the people are. Our Social Media Specialists will analyse your targeted audience and decipher which social media platforms are best to use in order to reach them. We’ll create a content strategy and happily manage the day to day efforts of running an active face and voice of your business. From posting content, to responding to commentary, listening to what the world has to say about your business and running campaigns, our Social Community Manager has you covered. We also provide detailed reports of activities, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Create awareness and drive discovery.

There are 17,000,000 monthly active Facebook users in Australia. Here at adzoo, we can find those most likely to be interested in your business for you by utilising targeted advertising. We’ll tell your brand story to the right people, building your reputation and allowing the organic growth of word of mouth marketing. Our aim is to put a great big X on your business, because X marks the spot. We can find the people most interested in following and engaging with your brand and deliver your page directly to them.

Generate leads and boost sales.

Conversion rates on Facebook are 13% higher than any other platform and social media drives 31% of a websites traffic. However, you need to grab a viewer’s attention in order to reach these statistics. Lead generation is all about interest. Who is interested in your product? Who is most likely to purchase? With targeted advertising, adzoo can drive these potential customers to your product, website or wherever you want those leads to gather.


We all like to think that every visitor to our website follows a clearly defined path that ends with contacting your business or making a purchase. In reality, the journey from viewer to customer is not so linear. If you want to really engage your audience, we suggest utilising retargeted banner adverts. These adverts capture potential customers with eye-catching designs that prompt clicks and drive further leads.Re-targeting is reserved for users that have already visited your website, but not engaged, allowing us to reach out to potential customers in the hope of new sales.

EDM’s (Electronic Direct Marketing).

EDM’s are a form of email marketing. Our digital team are more than happy to assist your business in creating a database of old, new and potential customers. EDM’s are a great way to inform people of your sales, reward loyal customers and, most of all, encourage people to spend a little cash. In addition to designing these formative marketing tools, we can create, send, monitor and report back to you on their success.

Numbers don’t lie

The Blinds Gallery is one of Perth’s best-known window-covering companies. adzoo drives the company’s strong brand presence and consistent messaging within press, television and online mediums, which has allowed the business to prosper considerably.


The objective of the Blinds Gallery Facebook page was to increase engagement in addition to raising the number of followers.

An organic content plan based upon home design and improvement was created and instigated in order to engage the current page’s demographic and encourage the attention of lookalike audiences.

As a result, without paid advertising, all areas of the page increased in a four month time period.


Increase in


Increase in




Increase in

Social Media Marketing

How else can we help?

Furthermore…are you following us on social media? We don’t just talk the talk you know. Or social accounts speak for themselves. Head over to Facebook or Instagram and join the conversation.

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