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On Thursday, June 1st, a beta of Plotagraph was released for public access. This brand new social platform is designed as a place for photographers and artists to showcase their work. Unlike Instagram, this platform animates the images uploaded. The animations auto-play and auto-loop, creating quite the trippy viewing.


Along with singular uploads, Plotagraph has a Stories option, but these stories are not removed after 24 hours, instead, they are auto-edited with fade effects. These images and stories are then shareable onto other social media platforms. At this stage into my investigation, it would appear more a tool of quick GIF creation, rather than a social platform, but it appears that the more followers a person’s account gains, the more options they unlock. Plotagraph  founders, Troy Christopher Plota and Sascha Scheider explained, “We wanted to create a next-level social platform that goes beyond anything currently available with traditional social platforms, many of which were designed over 10 years ago.”


Whilst all accounts are free, the level of followers one has directly affects what you can do with your account and there are subscription options that dictate the level of cloud storage, number of portfolios and more advanced tools.

  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager
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