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   News    Adzoo SEO Gets The Blinds Gallery To #1
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Adzoo SEO Gets The Blinds Gallery To #1

Perth SEO Agency

Organic SEO is a very powerful tool for companies. Adzoo is a highly regarded digital advertising agency and a leading Perth SEO Agency. Our talented team are Google accredited and love to make clients websites visible to more people. We don’t take short cuts like ‘low quality-back-links’ or use ‘keyword stuffing’ to get results. At adzoo its all above board work with clear understanding of how to boost your brand’s online visibility.


As a locally based Perth digital agency, our SEO team use the best local search techniques to optimise client’s website and thus search-ability in their respective markets

The Objective

Our relationship with The Blinds Gallery sees Adzoo manage all digital facets of their business, from community management, SEM & SEO. As part of our initial SEO audit, we set a goal to increase leads via search by 20% within 12 months.

The Process

Adzoo’s experienced and accredited team approach Search engine optimisation for each client with a similar rigorous process.  Many of our clients who undertake our SEO packages know that we do everything we can do understand their business.   This helps us dig deep to deliver the best results.


The SEO process implemented by our team include as follows:

  • Step 1 Full Site Audit
  • Step 2 Keyword Research
  • Step 3 Competitor Research
  • Step 4 – Technical Optimisation
  • Step 5 – Content Strategy
  • Step 6  Link Building
  • Step 7  Reporting
  • Step 8  Improve
  • Step 8  Repeat!


Check out an extensive look at our process here!

The Blinds Gallery are SEO Happy!

SEO is not a tap on/tap off process.  It is about ongoing contribution of content, combined with a commitment to following process.  Well, since our appointment for SEO services, we are happy to say that we have surpassed our KPI’s, highlighted by an increase in site traffic by over 45% since we began.  Search rankings of relevant keywords have improved and thus the website enjoys greater conversion’s and lower bounce rates.


What else would you expect when two market-leading company’s put their head’s together?


Increase in

Top 5




Bounce rate

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