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When you have a history of innovation

Jason Windows has been supplying quality products to the WA building industry for over 50 years. The company pioneered the introduction of aluminium windows and doors in WA in the early 1960s and has continued to be the benchmark for product design, strength, and service ever since.

Creative Direction

With the offer of a new and updated security screen, Jason Windows were in need of a fresh creative campaign. In a saturated market, it was necessary to break through the crowd whilst aligning with Jason Windows branding as a quality West Australian company. Thus “Happy Snaps”, the six-foot crocodile was born. As the mascot of the “Get on the Safe Side” campaign, “Happy Snaps” represented the strength of the screens and the protection they provide. The campaign was executed in multiple ways, including digital, press, print and radio. “Happy Snaps”, and his campaigns’, continued success has seen the friendly crocodile make multiple appearances at various locations and events to further promote the Jason Windows brand.

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