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When you’re already a big name

If you haven’t heard of IKEA, you might have been living under a rock. Just because you’re a big business, it doesn’t mean you can slack on your digital presence. IKEA understands this and it’s just another reason why they are so successful.

Adwords with a side of meatballs

adzoo Consultancy was charged with the sole responsibility of managing the Adwords account for IKEA – Western Australia and South Australia. With one of the most highly recognised brands in the world, our job was to ensure that each of the clients 30,000 products were seen and found to ensure high traffic and sales targets were met. adzoo was not only able to meet expectations, we were able to beat them.




Google Adwords

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Before you starting looking at our portfolio, we bet you didn’t know that we worked for such big clients. That’s ok. The point of a great agency is to push their client’s brand into the spotlight. Think of us as the magical elves that handle the behind the scenes action. Want to see more of our work and see who our other clients are? Because it’s nice to show off just a little. Click below and discover for yourself.

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