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Frasers Landing

When it’s about your brand identity

Who can you trust? adzoo was appointed to Frasers Landing in 2015 to refresh the brand look and feel for the estate with a more retail focus.

A new you

adzoo Consultancy presented a new brand identity that linked in with the birdwatching and conservation aspects of the estate. The brand mark is organic in its construction relating to the natural environment while producing depth and flow to the overall design. The bird is an uplifting aspirational symbol and has been constructed to represent the letter “F”, creating a unique typographical symbol representative of Frasers Landing. The colour palette was created from a selection of colours found in the many bush and water birds which reside in and about the protected Creery Wetlands. The fiery colouring is representative of sunset light reflected on plumage of the bird as it heads home. It also has a deeper meaning linked to the Phoenix a symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings.

adzoo re-branded the entire estate from the sales office to all estate signage and through the release of two new stages to market.


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