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Cockburn Gateway

When it’s time to up the ante 

When it’s time to up the ante, you call in the experts of what’s hot. Consequently, that’s exactly what Cockburn Gateway did for their 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Campaign. Our fashion-forward design team created an engaging and visually compelling campaign that reached the silver screen.

Delivering results

The adzoo Consultancy team brought the flavour, the fun and the fashion for Cockburn Gateway’s Spring/Summer ’17 style campaign. The aim was to increase awareness of the diverse fashion offered within the centre. The campaign also aimed to place Cockburn Gateway as a destination for the lovers of style.

For this campaign, adzoo created an advertorial style campaign. Focusing on art and the creativity of expression through fashion, we teamed with amazing local talent to create a fun and quirky look. All of this, whilst still maintaining Cockburn Gateway’s iconic branding and tone of voice. A result of a previous adzoo job.

Working closely with the Cockburn Gateway marketing team, adzoo crafted and directed the campaign fashion shoot. Maintaining a focus on fun and relatable everyday fashion that could be found in the centre, the shoot was a social hit.

The imagery and style were utilised across both print and digital platforms, splashing the centre with its’ colour and summery vibe. Multiple activities were planned, including a V.I.P style event that showcased the hottest trends of the season. The interest in this event was immense and tickets sold out on the first day of advertising! Resulting in a great success and one heck of a local event.




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