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When you need to reinvent yourself…you need the adzoo brand development team

When you need to reinvent yourself, you revaluate, rebrand and relaunch. Brand development is a large and often overwhelming task. As a result, adzoo worked closely with the centre management team to redefine the future of the retail shopping centre. As a result, it was not just the brand the evolved, but the shopping complex as well.

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As the redevelopments were staged, the adzoo brand development team kicked off with design.  marketing and advertising elements were designed to reinforce the message of ‘what is changing’ at the forum. In addition to the physical changes in the centre, the advertising and marketing products had to introduce the new, redesigned, Belmont Forum brand.MWhat embodies human connection more than a simple ‘hello’? It’s the first thing you say when meeting someone. It kick-starts the connection. “Hello” is friendly, welcoming, approachable and real. It immediately positions the centre as a social place. Most importantly, like every new conversation, it signifies a fresh start. Speaking of which, we also assisted the team with their social media advertisements and building their subscription list.

This was an exciting new direction for the centre. It spoke to the younger demographic while not alienating the centre’s older clientele After all, shopping and dining out shouldn’t be a lonely, linear experience. It should be shared. Belmont Forum brings everyone together. That’s what their marketing content needed to reflect, and that’s what the adzoo team delivered.


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