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When your business is awesome

When your business is awesome, your marketing should be too. Our collaborations with AQWA are exciting and envelope-pushing innovations of art and design. So much so, we’ve even won awards for them.

Because of the growing popularity of digital media, we saw opportunities for AQWA to engage with their existing and new audiences through new online mediums. The adzoo creatives wanted to bring the aquatic experience that AQWA gives to its customers right to their desktops and mobile devices. Subsequently, the website was designed to not only act as their main online hub but to transport the user into the marvellous and magnificent West Australian ocean.

Award winning design

Built on the WordPress CMS platform, adzoo Consultancy ensured that the team at AQWA could easily update textual and graphical content as they desired. While we’re not downplaying the heavy back-end build work, this key feature resulted in a well-organised space that even someone with very little digital experience could edit.

The AQWA website was focused on customers first and foremost. Through creating a functional user experience with mobile responsive designs and easy to use navigation with scalable content for future expansion, as well as fast load times.


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How cool is AQWA’s website? We’re pretty proud of our team’s efforts on that one, that’s why we included it in our portfolio. Apparently, so was the Australian Web Awards, because, consequently, we won a Silver Medal for Excellence in the Criteria of Accessibility for it. If you’re interested in a new website, be sure to contact us, but maybe take a look at our other portfolio items first.

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