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Optimising Video For Social Media

Optimising Video For Social Media

Through our video content and production subsidiary Nocturnal House, here at adzoo, we’re no strangers to television commercials. From clients like The Blinds Gallery and Chicken Treat, our team has certainly been part of a wide range of television productions. With increasing demand for quality digital content, we have cast our attention to social media marketing, creating management and advertisement plans to optimise the myriad of digital channels that are now available to advertisers. The beauty of social media content is that it can often be smaller parts of the sum; one blog post can be broken down to feed multiple social platforms through dozens of images, videos and text posts. This led us to consider just how we could optimise our advertisements for clients for social platforms.

Whilst Facebook has lofty visions for video, the traditional TV formula does not correlate to social media. Part of an agencies role is to determine what will engage the potential customer and not lead to an unprofitable and time-wasting campaign. This is where Facebook Creative Shop’s PockeTVC comes in to play. Pocket Television Commercials was a study conducted by the Facebook Creative Shop team that took existing TV assets and reworked them to fit mobile viewing.

Lauren Johnson of ADWEEK discussed the collaboration between Bose and the Facebook Creative Shop;

“Bose and its agency, Initiative, for example, worked with Facebook in North America to run a campaign for its noise-cancelling headphones through the PockeTVC program. Bose wanted to play up noise in the campaign, but videos automatically play without sound on Facebook as users scroll through news feeds. The brand cut up a 60-second TV ad into a 10-second audio clip with frames that switched between images of someone wearing the headphones and images of the products. According to a Facebook poll that measured brand lift, the 10-second clip optimized for social increased ad recall by six points compared to the full-length version.”

Block out the world. And let the music move you. #QC35

Posted by Bose on Tuesday, 20 December 2016

May Seow, Story Director of Facebook Creative Shop, accredited the success of this campaign to the understanding of the social media user, stating that the audience could be broken down into three distinctive action categories; on the go, leaning forward and leaning back. Further to this, May Seow suggested that one advertisement could be reworked to fit each category of user. Those on the go are immediate users, adverts should be between 5-30 seconds. Those who have some time, but not much, perhaps they are waiting for a coffee or sitting on the bus, are likely to lean forward. To best reach these candidates, an interactive advert taking no more than five minutes is a way to gain their interest. Then there are those who have finished their tasks for the day, perhaps leaning back in bed before going to sleep. To fully maximise this customer, an immersive story is ideal, lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

It’s not simply the time that differentiates socially optimised advertisements from those traditionally seen on television. The entire layout needs to change. Whilst TV has the luxury of a captivated audience, one you can build a story with, a post on social media has less than a second to gain someone’s attention. To do this, a social video advert needs to be powerful and obvious. What are you selling? Can you have multiple hero shots? Open on the most powerful image and capture the potential customer’s attention immediately. Then there is the framing, the visual layout of the piece. Landscaped imagery does not bode well on a vertical mobile device; play with it. Split and stack the story, extend the story above and below the traditional frame, segment and reframe, tile and tilt in creative and new age ways.

Mobile and social optimised adverts aren’t long drawn stories, they’re quick, they’re sharp and they have the potential to be the most creatively diverse videos to date. PockeTVC is the future in visual advertising and is sure to revamp the way advertisers think about video production.

Jarrod Greenwood
Director, Nocturnal House, Perth Videography

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