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   News    Instagram Test – Is it liked, to be liked?

Instagram Test – Is it liked, to be liked?

Odds are, you’re amongst the 1 billion users active on the social media platform – Instagram. If so, you’ll already know about the latest major app update that has all Insta-addicts shaken to the core. After 9 years in existence, the popular social media platform has made the move to hide the number of Instagram likes and video views a post has received.

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A smart move on behalf of Instagram… or the beginning of its downfall?

Many have been quick to comment on the positive outcomes that could result – particularly when it comes to mental health. No longer will users be able to rely on the social app for a self- esteem boost or to rate their peers on a superficial level. After all, we don’t give out “likes” in real life – why should we do this when it comes to our digital persona?

Whilst these arguments are undeniable, what many are quick to forget is that it’s 2019. Where digital innovation and technology are at the forefront of a business marketing strategy. Not to mention influencers rely on the platform to make a living and businesses use the platform as a huge part of their advertising and social media marketing.

Instagram has proved to be an excellent way for businesses, both small and large, to communicate and engage with their customers. It’s an effective, low-cost tool for building brand awareness. One quick glimpse at a company’s Instagram account is an easy way to understand its strengths, values and, most importantly, its reputation.

Instagram Business – There’s no need to panic!

If you’re running an Instagram Business account, there is no need to panic, this new feature shouldn’t impact your reporting ability; you’ll still be able to see backend analytics, which is a lot more insightful than a “like count”, anyway. It just makes analysing the success of your competitors slightly more challenging and time-consuming.

Fortunately, as one of the best marketing agencies in Perth, we are ahead of the game. Our digital team knows how to manage these changes and to ensure they work in favour of our clients.

The revision could also mean an improvement to the authenticity of the app. For a long time, there have been issues surrounding the purchase of Instagram likes, sparking debate amongst those who actually put time and effort into their content creation. With this functionality removed, shady bots promising quick Insta-fame will surely become a thing of the past, ensuring a more even playing field from here on in.

For the rest of us, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram exist to connect us and to provide a means of communication – particularly with family and friends who live on the other side of the world (here in Perth, we sure can relate to that!) To put it simply, some of us enjoy a good ol’ double-tap, without the ability to share our lives online and, in return, to show support for those who we love.

Perhaps future Instagram updates will restrict users from seeing followers as well? Or give users the option to dislike posts. Regardless of whether this new Instagram test will be made permanent, not everyone will be satisfied. What does the future hold for bloggers and social influencers who make their living on our ability to “like” their post or follow their page? Perhaps Instagram users will now just focus on the photos.

It’s no shock that the preferred method of social engagement has always been through the written word but that’s never been so valuable on Instagram as it will be now. Instead of the quick “double-tap” of the finger as we race down our feeds, businesses, and bloggers, a-like will encourage users to comment to show status and quality in their feeds.

If you’re an influencer, Insta-user, or fellow digital agency/advertising agency in Perth we’d love to know your thoughts. Will you continue to use the app as before? Do you have any suggested future Instagram updates?

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