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   News    In response to “Advantage Update”
In response to "Advantage Update"

In response to “Advantage Update”

This morning as I began to set my desk up for the day, I noticed a copy of “Advantage Update” (another Perth agency) sitting where I normally place my laptop. I instantly recognised why it was there as the headline “why social media is ruining marketing” blurted its existence on the front page. Flicking through, I admit that there are some points of note, but most of the content seemed rather ill-researched and not quite thought through.


“Social media has made marketers lazy.” Now I’ve not been in the game long, but I can plainly see that any marketer who could be dubbed lazy is not a marketer who will remain in the industry for much longer. It’s a fast paced, ever changing, ever developing and learning kind of atmosphere. Perhaps social media has allowed some to take a back road, believing that the programs and apps are the be all and end all, but again, this would be a rather ignorant approach and one that a true professional should never employ. My game is social media, but that doesn’t mean that I or the team here at adzoo, ignore the plethora of other marketing and advertising techniques.


“Social media builds the wrong habits in marketers.” The quantity of followers means nothing. It’s wonderful for the ego to see thousands of people following you and your business, but a successful business knows that followers do not equate to consumers. Marketing a business is not simply about loading content; it’s about engaging the audience, drawing in new followers and transforming these followers into customers. No other platform allows a business more opportunities in which to convert and “every positive interaction increases the likelihood of an eventual conversion”.  A study by Convince&Convert concluded that over half of a following are more loyal to that brand and will continue to purchase over a longer period of time.


“Ironically, social media actually decreases how much a company talks to its customers”. I have seen this with some companies, but these companies are not running successful social media accounts. Interaction is key. They’re called ‘social’ networks for a reason. It’s incredibly important to interact with your followers and social listening, a form of market research, is essential to any successful businesses growth. Gaining feedback from customers is quick and simple. It’s not just the youth of the world online either, the most recent Australian Sensis indicated that 90% of people use social media. People are online and they are talking to businesses, it’s up to businesses to talk back and this interact in itself is an important part of any marketing campaign.


“There’s no guarantee that Facebook and Twitter will even exist ten years from now…” No, there’s not, but if your entire marketing campaign is strictly social based then you need to move with the times. Social media is a very powerful tool, but it also changes every time you look. It’s important to keep up with these changes and maintain marketing and advertising elements such as websites and other medias. Marketing campaigns are often quick, not  drawn out over many years. This allows for focus shifting across platforms in order to best reach the intended audience. In regards to that audience being other businesses, “Advantage Update’s” article suggests that, “social media is useless for business-to-business companies”. Absolute rubbish I say. A survey of 115 marketing specialists revealed that 79% of people rated social media as the most effective marketing channel.


“Companies are no longer perfecting what they are saying before blasting it via social media.” Perhaps some are not, but many have teams and processes and layers in which a simple post has to filter through in order to be accepted. If a marketer is not taking the time to understand their customer’s views, wants, desires and language, then again, they’re not going to be successful for long. Social media is the face and the voice of the business. Each and every post should be considered before going live.


“There are a number of more effective platforms.” As 90% of the Australian population is on a form of social media or another, this could be argued, but I am sure that would require quite the lengthy essay and more extensive research than this current post allowed. The author of the piece signs off the article stating that it doesn’t hurt to “be on social media. But just remember it’s merely one of your many available platforms”. This should be remembered, but social media is a very effective tool that should be utilised by businesses. Perhaps it is easy to become lazy with the management of these platforms, but the same can be said for all marketing in general. There are many tired advertisements out there, many ineffective platforms still being utilised and many mismanaged social media accounts.


Social media has not ruined marketing. It has simply evolved it and forced many tired agencies and businesses to step up their game.


– Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager

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