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The Importance of Font

Font can make or break a work. Robert Bringhurst, author of “The Elements of Typographic Style”, once stated that “typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.” The words on a page, the explanation of a piece, perhaps pertinent information or simple design features, are a form of artwork in themselves and should be treated accordingly.


Fonts have personality and this personality needs to fit the tone of the piece. Both the audience and the objective need to be considered. Does the piece need to be professional or perhaps make a little bit of fun? Is your targeted audience young, old or even in between? The chosen font can appeal, repel, engage or disengage any given audience. It can shape the tone, feel and aesthetic of an advertisement. Just like people, each font has its own personality, and not everyone is going to like them. Take Times New Roman for example. Whilst it is more than suitable for reports and essays, for attracting audiences it is nothing but boring. The default fonts, including Arial and Calabri, are for emails and long pieces of text, not for advertising. Leave these dull and overused typefaces at the door. It’s really all about finding the right fit. I like to collect a number of fonts I feel would be suitable for the piece and compare them, then, just like Tinder, swipe away until I find the perfect match.

Speaking of perfect matches, all of the font does not have to be the same. Uniformity can lend to a piece, but it can also be…well…boring. The old adage of “two’s a company, three’s a crowd” comes into play here. Three different fonts look messy, but two appear deliberate, structured and still a little fun. This can be universally used, regardless of the level of professionalism called upon. Having the heading and the body paragraph of text in a different typeface will make the words pop out of the page. The key to making this work is to both contrast and compliment the two fonts, i.e, a serif alongside a sans-serif. This generally takes a bit of tweaking, but when it is done right, it can maximise even the simplest of advertisements.


Type is such an important tool in advertising and can be a great deal of fun creatively, so step away from the word art and start searching the web for some awesome fonts. Want to see the typography we love? You can see more of our picks on Pinterest.


  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager
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