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How to keep your social content fresh.

How to keep your social content fresh

Social media is all about the content. Successful accounts have a look, a feel, a certain jena se qua as they say that make people want to hang around. They’re a warm coffee shop on a chilly Monday morning that you want to enjoy for just a moment longer. Of course, these were built over time. It’s very rare to simply go viral overnight and, even then, the only accounts to maintain their viral status are the ones who continue to deliver. Social media is all about the content, but keeping that social content fresh can be tough! So how do you do it?


Most importantly, how do you keep your social media accounts relevant, on-brand and, most importantly, active? Here’s my big tip for you….hoard content. Gather images, take lots of photos and sort them into files on your computer. Keep a stockpile of images ready to go at all times and constantly top it up. This will allow you a pool of images to schedule posts from. Below is a list of folders that I keep in order to maintain my pool. Here are my suggestions.



This folder is all about you and your business. These images should include photos that represent your brand’s personality, behind the scenes of your business and images of your staff. Believe it or not, your audience wants to see this. They want to see you and your staff having fun, they want to know how your products are made, how your team works together, who runs the show. These photos should put your best foot forward.



Find something you like on another person’s account that is relevant to your business? It’s ok to repost that image, but make sure to credit the creator or source. I also strongly suggest that you ask their permission first.


Products & Services

You’re a business, so this one is obvious. Make sure you have pictures of your product or service ready to go. These can be products in action, stock images, listing photos or anything that aligns with the service you provide. 


Stock images

This is a suggestion I give lightly. Stock images are great for fleshing out quotes and for filling in gaps, but it’s best not to rely on them. There are some free stock image sites including and . 



Promotions can include specials, discounts and branded posts that promote your business.



Inspirational quotes, funny jokes, sayings that mesh with your brand are all great fillers for any social account. They’re also very shareable. You can regram these images or, better yet, recreate them on in a post more aligned with your brand identity.


Blog posts

If you’re writing a blog related to your business, you obviously want people to read it, so share it. Images directing people to a particular post or your blog, in general, are musts. 


Customer content

If your customers are posting about your product, they want the world to know that they love it. Show them you love them back and share their photos. It builds great relationships and encourages more people to post and share, giving you, even more, options in the future.


And there you go. You’ve built yourself a content library. Spend an hour or two every few weeks topping these files up and you’ll never stress about what to post again. We’ve even compiled some great ideas on our Pinterest feed for you! If you’d prefer to have a professional run your social accounts though, contact us today to see how we can help.


  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager
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