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follow instagram hashtags

Follow Instagram Hashtags!

If you’re an Insta fan like myself, you may have noticed a new updated. You can now follow Instagram Hashtags! As a serial stalker and business account manager, this is a fantastic new feature! Now it’s easier than ever to discover new accounts to follow and track tags associated with the business. So, here’s how it works.


Follow Instagram Hashtags

How to Follow

Following a specific hashtag is easy as pie. Simply search a hashtag on the Explore page and click on it. Once you’re in that gallery, you just tap the follow button. Voila! You are now a follower of that hashtag and will start to see content from it pop up in your feed and on your stories. Of course, you can unfollow at any time.

How do you know it worked?

Because you’ll start seeing posts like the one below showing up in your feed. Don’t worry, your feed won’t suddenly be flooded with that hashtag. The algorithm will sort the content within that hashtag and select highlighted, popular posts that coexist with the content that you currently engage with. Instead of seeing a username on the top of the image, you’ll see the associated Instagram Hashtag and a nifty little colour hashtag symbol.Follow Instagram Hashtags


Why should you follow hashtags?

So that you can discover potential influencers, find amazing new accounts and track your business hashtag! It’s an easy way to search your feed and engage with customers and other people. If you follow Instagram Hashtags, you can also target industry topics, specific locational or event hashtags or keep an eye on contests and campaigns from within your feed.


So why not give it a shot. Follow Instagram Hashtags that relate to your interests, your business or whatever! And remember to utilise hashtags in your own posts so that you appear in feeds others are following too.

  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager
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