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   News    Fathers Day with the adzoo crew.

Fathers Day with the adzoo crew.

With a lot of fathers in the office, we thought it would be fun to share what they got up to on their special day.

Senior Designer Neil Holmes:

“Fathers Day, Chocks and Jocks – that’s the deal each year. That’s the tangible, their show of affection, wrapped up and served with a coffee in bed. But that’s not really what it’s all about, is it? These are my two girls (together with Mrs Holmes, who has had a large hand in their being and raising of these fine young ladies) and I couldn’t be prouder. For me, every day is fathers day. No need for chocks and jocks – just my two girls, when you think about it, they are the real gift.”

Senior Digital Designer Matt Foti:

“Father’s day always revolves around a few beers in my family. This Fathers Day we decided to make the most of the sunny spring weather and took the old man out to the Swan Valley. We stopped for lunch at Padbury’s in Guildford for a bite to eat before continuing on to the Homestead Brewery at Mandoon Estate. We organised a brewery tour and tasting which tied us over for an hour. Ater the tastings we hung around in their classy bar for another hour to sink a few more and round out the afternoon. dad was chuffed. A 10/10 afternoon.”

Social Community Manager Ashayla Webster:

“As it was my birthday on Saturday, Father’s Day on Sunday and most of my family are currently overseas, Dad and I spruced ourselves up and got together for lunch at the C Restaurant on the Saturday. We gorged ourselves on amazing food and sipped French Martini’s as we watched the city of Perth leisurely spin past us. We spent so long chatting we ended up getting politely shooed out after three or four hours. Once the family is back, we intend to take dad rock climbing.”

Director Graham Freeman:

“I’m getting closer to that “first breakfast in bed” moment! These budding junior master chefs cooked off for the first time and both scored 10s!

Note: drink made from Father’s Day gift- “Nutri bullet” 🙂 ”

Account Director Matthew Wray:

“We had a nice home cooked breakfast in the morning, followed by a visit to my father-in-law’s for coffee. We then went to my sisters where we had a roast lamb lunch with my Mum and Dad and extended family. Spent the day kicking the footy, eating and enjoying a few cold beers…a perfect Fathers Day.”

Account Manager Bec Farmer:

“In the afternoon, I threw the dogs and my stepson into the car and drove up to Mum and Dad’s house, where we ate lots of antipasto food, drank wine, played darts (family get together major competition 🙂 ) and took turns holding my sister’s baby :)”

Director of Accounts Jarrod Greenwood:

“Fathers Day for me was spent with my family and our two boys Jack and Luke. As per Jack’s school project he was correct in that we played playstation a lot yesterday, but I’m not sure how he thinks I am aged 51”

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