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   News    Did you know that adzoo is an official Google Partner?
Did you know that adzoo is an official Google Partner?

Did you know that adzoo is an official Google Partner?

What is a Google Partner? Google Partners is a program for online consultants, digital marketing professionals and advertising agencies. It is an indication to potential clients of a staff’s or agency’s skills and expertise. To become certified and eligible to proudly wear the Google Partner’s badge, an individual must pass a series of exams and prove their knowledge in the area of AdWords and online advertising practices. This is not just a one-off either, the Google Partnership requires a company or staff to keep up to date with changing practices, requalifying every six months.

The Google badge is also dynamic in nature, displaying the specialisation of the staff member or agency certified. In adzoo’s case, these include Search, Mobile and Display Advertising. Search Advertising involves creating and optimising adverts for Google Search, along with advisory skills on keyword strategy and budget planning. Proficiency in Mobile Advertising states that adzoo can assist in connecting clients with potential customers through mobile devices; text, video, image and HTML5 advertisements. Finally, Display Advertising is the creation of compelling visual advertisements seen on over two million websites and 650,000 apps.

A Google Partnership is an achievement worth noting for any agency and we congratulate our staff on acquiring the much sought after qualification yet again.

– Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager

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