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content mistakes

Top 8 Content Mistakes

When it comes to your business’ website, content is king. It’s the very essence of your brand and the ultimate factor in a viewer deciding whether or not they wish to become a customer. People will judge your business based on your content, as well as the design of your website. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top eight content mistakes we’ve seen for you to take into consideration when writing and providing content for your website.


#1 – Length

Copy should be short, sharp and to the point, but you want to make sure that you’re giving your customers the information that they need. They want to know about your company, as well as your product, but you can lose their attention quickly if the copy is tedious. It’s a tight line to dance. That age-old saying of “too much of a good thing” is true when it comes to content, and that extends to images and videos too. If it’s not 100% necessary, your website probably doesn’t need it.


#2 – Quality

This is an issue we face all too often with the type of content provided. Though there seems to be this belief that Photoshop can fix anything, it certainly takes a great deal less time and money, to begin with, if the content provided is of high quality. Whether it’s video, photography or written copy, make sure the content is of high standards.


#3 – English

Perhaps we could have placed this under quality, but it is just so important that we felt we had to mention it twice and really break it down. We’re not trying to be the Grammar Police, but a basic grasp of the language in which you’re attempting to communicate is necessary. Misplaced capitals, poor sentence structure and misspelt words make your company appear cheap, unorganised and dishonest.


#4 – Unexpected

People can’t use information that they can’t find and believe us when we say that they won’t spend much time looking for it. If they can’t find what they want quickly, they’ll leave and your company has just lost their business. Make sure headings are clear and relate to the text.


#5 – Outdated information

The information on your website needs to be kept up to date. If you haven’t used your Twitter account in a year, either start using it or remove the link from your page. If you’ve moved offices or have lost and gained staff, make sure to keep your content updated.


#6 – Unorganised

Don’t skip the planning phase. Being organised is a top priority. Research your audience, what information do they want and need. Research your competitors, what does their content look like. What is the voice of your company, how does it speak, how does it sound? What content do you need, what do you need to source? All of this is of vital importance.


#7 – Unsupported formats

Flash players do not work on everyone’s computers. It’s best to stick to generic and every computer compatible software and plug-ins.


#8 – Audience

It may seem unfathomable to write only for your target market, but the specialised content is far more valuable than general. Speak to your clientele in words they understand, cater your content to suit them and you’ll find the reception is far more generous.


Undoubtedly there are more points to assess, but the above eight points are our key directives when producing content for our client’s websites. If you’d like a hand establishing your website or advice on copywriting, contact us today.


  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager


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