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   News    adzoo goes live, Facebook Live…
adzoo goes live, Facebook Live...

adzoo goes live, Facebook Live…

.Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the past few months, you’d have heard about Facebook’s new live feature.  It’s been dubbed the hot trend of 2017. And it’s no wonder, with everyone from Martha Stewart to Coachella jumping on board. Do you remember Candace Payne, the Chewbacca mum? Her live video was the fastest growing viral video in history with 100 million views in only three days. Facebook is certainly not the first service to offer this kind of media, trailing behind YouTube and Periscope. However, it is the most useful platform for marketing purposes.


We're LIVE at the Merrell Michigan Training Event with Coach T. Mud – Share with your muddy friends to get some key workout tips #ItsAllBeenTraining

Posted by Tough Mudder on Saturday, 4 June 2016


Social videos, i.e. a video that is designed for social networks. Therefore it generally encourages viewership, action and sharing. Thus, they’ve been incredibly popular tools for as long as social media has been around. A portable version of the good old television advert, social videos engage the all-important eighteen to mid-thirties demographic. Whilst also paving the way for the upcoming millennials. Its unique capability to engage and connect with users on a more personal level leads to a more loyal following. Generally as the user appreciates the extra effort taken to record and post. A White Papers report found that 72% of businesses who used social video in their marketing plan saw an increase in their website conversion rates. Sydnacast elaborated on this, predicting that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 would be directed from video viewership. With over 500 million daily users and 100 million hours of video watched on the platform, Facebook is far in the lead as a potential base from which to post and stream.


Whilst working on a video, editing it, posting it, is all well and good and absolutely a quiver to be used in your marketing strategies, Facebook Live offers a few features worth noting. The all-knowing gurus of Facebook, the same geniuses that cut and slash your organic views hoping you’ll pay for advertising, have recognised the want from consumers of the live video feature. So they actually push the live organic reach over any other. That’s right, live videos are much more likely to engage with your audience at a rate of 148%, and further by a whopping 135%! In fact, studies show that people are ten times more likely to comment and interact with live videos too. This push is not likely to change anytime soon either. As Facebook has invested, and made, serious amounts of dough into the tool by offering deals and signing with companies and celebrities such as BuzzFeed, Gordon Ramsay and the New York Times. Once the video has run its course and is no longer live, the Facebook algorithm begins to treat it just like any other video on the platform, which is still better than it treats any other form of post.


Further features include a notification system, where frequent or recent engagers of the page receive an automatic notification when you go live. In addition to filters and Snapchat-esque features where you can play with the look of the video whilst recording. Because these videos are so raw, they portray an authenticity that so many consumers are craving, delivering a further element to your company’s brand and face. Those currently watching the feed can also invite their friends to come view, further increasing your chances of being viewed. Then there’s the geo-locational aspect of the service, pinning you on the world wide map as a current streamer. Thus allowing those searching for a specific location or area to more easily find your stream.


We would always suggest that you advertise a live stream in advance in order to draw the largest crowd possible. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Using the Facebook Live API, you can book a session in advance, alerting your viewers of your intentions and giving them a chance to attend. By using this plug-in, you can also record and stream through more techy-techy devices instead of utilising a smartphone. It’s also a great way to measure the analytics of your video whilst live streaming. So you can see who is watching and even create live polls.


This real-time interaction is an opportunity many businesses should be taking advantage of. Whether you’re advertising a product or service, holding a Q&A session, showcasing a behind-the-scenes look, posting a special announcement, sharing a process or hosting a call to action, Facebook Live is the big ticket tool of 2017.

Dance Craze Battle: LIVE!

Posted by BuzzFeed on Thursday, 3 March 2016

– Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager


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