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adzoo Christmas Traditions

adzoo Christmas Traditions

The adzoo crew are a diverse bunch. We hark from all corners of the world and each celebrates Christmas day in our own way.


Melissa Rodwell – Account Executive

“We don’t really have many Christmas traditions as we kinda just go with the flow – my sister and I do like to attack mum and dad with Nerf guns each year on Christmas morning though haha!

We do go to a Friendmas type gathering every year on Boxing day and have done so for over a decade.”


Colleen – Account Director

Not an amazing one but our family always open one gift from under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve!


Holly Burgess

Our kiddies decorate our front lawn with oats and glitter to guide the reindeer. Our Santa prefers a chilled Corona when he pays us a visit. 🙂


Jarrod Greenwood – Director of Accounts

With two young kids, my day is usually spent trying to finish off the construction of presents from the night before that my wife tells me about 6 beers into Xmas eve. 2am finishes under torchlight aren’t uncommon in the Greenwood household. This year we have asked Santa for presents that don’t require any assembly. Here’s hoping the big fella listens.


Bec Farmer – Account Manager

One Christmas Tradition is getting a photo of the dogs in Christmassy gear. My partner and I watch this video and cry ourselves into hysteria (he is English). I watch Love Actually by myself with red wine.

Christmas Day – we all congregate at my mum and dad’s for secret Santa and other gifts (i.e. the dogs’ presents as there are four of them), a bit of brekky followed by beach, swimming pool, beers and champagne.


Lauren Billingham – Producer/Production Manager

I wear a sparkly Christmas dress every Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

On Boxing Day my family and I make our own Christmas crackers and write our own forfeits, which we hide inside the cracker. Then in the evening, we sit around a small tree which has small presents around it and, in order to get our present, we have to do the forfeit in the cracker we have chosen. Some of the forfeits have even been as bad as flush your head down the toilet!


Matt Foti – Senior Digital Designer

Croissants with the folks for breakfast. I normally get side-tracked with presents and burn the last few on the grill. My old man cooks his famous sweet bourbon glazed ham recipe for lunch of which the leftovers tend to last well into the new year. Christmas evening for me is playing board games with my younger cousins. Bragging rights last for the next year so naturally, they’ve become quite competitive. Big Italian family means a big Italian feast for dinner. As a general rule, we tend to not to eat much in the few days leading up to Christmas to make space.


Neil Holmes – Senior Designer

I’m dreaming of a white lie Christmas.

As a parent, I have firmly grasped the Christmas Tradition of the white lie. Those of you with young folk around, stop reading now and move on to another article. I don’t want to be the one to shatter the Santa myth for some poor innocent or even worse, undo all your hard work over the years planting those little white lies just to keep the Santa dream alive.

As my kids have grown, I have found myself spurting ever bigger whoppers. Lie upon lie. The truth (ha!) of the matter is, I quite enjoy it. The bigger or more complex the subterfuge, the greater the pleasure. And of course, at this time of year, the man in red is everywhere. Each shopping trip fraught with danger. The killer question from your youngest. The one you simply have no answer for. I’m not that naive to realise that day is rapidly approaching, but for now, I’m happy to keep the dream alive, with just the odd white lie.

P.S. Don’t get me started on the ‘Elf on the shelf’


Ashayla Webster – Social Community Manager

Coming from a military family, Christmas is a big deal for us as it was the only time of year everyone could get together. Christmas Day is the big one. As per the traditions of my youth, no presents are opened until everyone is awake, showered and has a cup of coffee in their hands. My Oma makes blueberry pancakes and we open presents and await the arrival of the rest of the family.

Once everyone is there, it’s straight to the tree so all the younglings can unwrap their goodies before lunch. Lunch is where it is at for us. Being Canadians, they’ve never quite abandoned the hot food idea, despite it being the middle of summer, so out comes the maple glazed ham and the haggis for my Scottish hubby-to-be. My Oma and partner fight over the haggis, duking it out with forks and quick verbal jabs. Thankfully a veritable smorgasbord of cold dishes accompanies this and it’s not an Aussie party unless there’s potato salad and a cheeseboard.

Someone is designated to continuously fill Oma’s wine glass every time she turns around, often resulting in her shamelessly flirting with my partner and cousin’s husband and her spiking my drink at some point during the day. The kids will fight and make up. Bonbons will be cracked, paper crowns worn and bad jokes read aloud. The family will bribe me for my serve of the annual giant bowl of prawns and, eventually, people will begin to excuse themselves and head off to partner’s family celebrations.

The day always ends with my Oma forcing people to take leftovers home and someone passed out on the couch.


Seasons Greetings from the adzoo crew.

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