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We’ll help you get to the front page of Google

Organic SEO traffic could account for 64% of the visits to your website. Whether via advertising, retargeting, organic content or backlinks, we can help your business leap to the front of the pack.

Thorough Website Analysis

Keyword Optimisation

Effective Content Strategies

Detailed Reporting

Our Process

Step 1
Full Site Audit
We perform a complete audit of your website’s onsite SEO, offsite SEO, and technical SEO.

Step 2
Keyword Research
We research keywords to find the best opportunities for connecting with your target audience and appearing in search engines.

Step 3
Competitor Research
We assess your client’s competitors to see how they are performing and what you need to do to top them.

Step 4
Technical Optimisation
We implement technical upgrades that help your site meet the requirements and best practices set by Google.

Step 5
Content Strategy
We expand site depth and build additional on-site content through a blog and targeted landing pages.

Step 6
Link Building
We gain quality links back to your website.

Step 7
Reporting of site metrics detailing the SEO growth of your website.

Why Adzoo?

Our team partner with Google to make sure that your website is visible. There’s no ‘spam links’ or ‘keyword stuffing’ in the adzoo pen, it’s all above board work with a clear understanding of how to boost your brand’s visibility.

Detailed & Transparent Reporting

Quality Links

Qualified Leads

Website Optimisation

Numbers don’t lie

Organic SEO traffic could count for 64% of your websites visits. See how we can help your business leap to the front of the pack.

Increase the number of organic leads and visits to The Blinds Gallery website, while reducing Bounce Rate.

Following our detailed SEO method, we increased site traffic by 45%. Ranked for all targeted keywords on the first page of Google and decreased Bounce Rate on the site by 34%.


Increase in

Top 5




Bounce rate

101 Residential

Jason Windows

The Blinds Gallery


How else can we help?

For further information on the services we provide, view the “Our Services” tab or get in contact via email or phone. We’re happy to arrange a meeting to discuss what you need. The coffee is on us.