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Define, refine and evolve

From logo creation, font selection, and colour boarding, to the full suite of design and strategy, our team’s attention to detail ensures the face and future of your brand are clearly defined. We partner with you to deliver the clarity and confidence that will allow your brand to grow and thrive.


If you aren’t 100% sure of your brand direction, we can reason a compelling and unique brand position with one of our workshops – an exercise that will help you to future-proof your business for years to come. We can help to define, refine, and evolve your brand, and its presence within the market via design, planning, and strategic placement.

Why Adzoo?

Working in collaboration, we aim to deliver the necessary components to allow your brand to grow and thrive. When you discover what your brand means to you, and your audience, you’ll be surprised at how other elements of your business strategy can fall into place.

Research, Review & Analysis

Logo Design

Brand Strategy

Culture Synthesis

Frasers Landing Rebrand

This concept links in with the birdwatching and conservation aspects of the estate. The icon is organic in its construction relating to the natural environment while producing depth and flow to the overall design. The bird is an uplifting aspirational symbol and has been constructed to represent the letter “F”, creating a unique typographical symbol representative of Frasers Landing. The colour palette was created from a selection of colours found in the many bush and water birds which reside in and about the protected Creery Wetlands.

The fiery colouring is representative of sunset light reflected on the plumage of the bird as it heads home. It also has a deeper meaning linked to the Phoenix a symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings.

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