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With almost a century of industry experience, spanning the four corners of the globe, our team are the best of the best. As a full-service agency, adzoo offers the expertise to create and implement integrated campaigns that span multiple channels, from print to digital and everything in between.

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We believe in big ideas. Let us bring those ideas to your business.

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Mundella Foods

When asked to create a mural for the main office of Mundella Foods, our creative team set out to tell a story. Their hand drawn piece was a sophisticated and artistic application, incorporating an amazing amount of detail (where’s Wallyesque). The idea was to create a masterpiece drawing that shows the process of Mundella (from production to enjoyment) but includes city icons and country landmarks.

The idea with this style of design was to add depth to the room and create an added dimension. The illustration also included hidden elements that encouraged viewers to seek and enjoy.

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