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   News    8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Your Website Redesign

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin Your Website Redesign

  1. Have you audited the content of your current site?

Don’t just assume that all the content from your current site is eligible for lifting and shifting. It’s redesign after all. Whilst you certainly don’t want to throw out all of the old content, it is important to update it. Some content may be completely irrelevant moving forward. An audit will determine this.

Even if you dislike your old content though, it’s integral to audit it to really consider what information is still relevant. Most of the time, a simple rewording or updating of language is all that is necessary. If a complete revamp is in order, this old content can help direct the new.

Pick what you like, mark the information you still require and move on from there.


  1. Do you have a plan in place?

What content do you already have? What content needs to be produced? Who is producing what content? To avoid the potential pitfalls of “he said she said” and “he was supposed to do it, but didn’t actually know”, have a plan in place, figure out what you need and who is the best person to produce it. Set realistic timeframes for the completion of this work and make sure everyone’s roles are clear.


  1. Who is writing the content?

This is a time-intensive process. Content production may seem like a simple enough task, but there are reasons there are professionals like us out there. A professional content producer and copywriter will ghost the voice of your brand, provide the required information and provide that interactive point for customers to relate to.


  1. What other content is required?

Of course, the written content isn’t the only form. Have you considered videography, infographics, imagery and printables? These elements add something more to your website. Visual elements entice the audience, display a company’s products and allow the reader to imagine themselves involved. But who is going to produce this content?


  1. Do you have a quality standard?

It’s best to get this out of the way quickly and at the very beginning. If you know what you want your site to look like and the level of quality required, make sure this information is well laid out and accessible to anyone who may work on the project. Inspirational images and websites are great additions as it visualises the expectations.


  1. Have you considered maintenance?

The content on your website needs to be updated and kept current, or else your business will appear outdated and irrelevant. Your website should evolve and a time period each week should be dedicated to this.

  1. Are you running analysis?

A website isn’t a very effective business tool if you’re not monitoring it. Analytics is the only true way to evaluate and judge what content is working, what isn’t and what is losing your customer’s.


  1. Can you run a soft launch?

Once you have the basics of your website, it is quite possible to run a soft launch and add content over time. Content is a challenge and getting it right can take quite some time. Running analytics and allowing for the content to be changed, added to and removed over a period of time means that your website has a much better chance at organic growth. To demand all content be finalised before the launch of a website is simply unrealistic and will certainly leave you with sub-par work.


Luckily, adzoo can help you with your website creations and redesigns. Contact us today.


  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager
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