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10 Reasons Your Website Needs an Update

As a team of digital marketers, encompassing graphic design, copywriters, web designers and SEO experts, we’ve seen a lot of terrible websites. Unfortunately, most of the companies who own these pages are quite unaware just how bad their webpages are. Your website is the face of your business after all. Don’t you want it to look good?


To lend a hand and help you figure out if your website is in need of a makeover, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 website mistakes.


#10 – You’re too slow

The entity that hosts your website is just as important as the website itself. You may have an amazing page and do everything else right, but if it takes too long to load, people will turn to a different website.


#9 – You need a map to navigate.

Navigation is key to a successful website. Customers do not want to scrawl all over your website, trying to dredge up information. Missing links, being unable to navigate from micro sites, having to hit the back button three times to reach the home page again, headers, sidebars, footers…. people won’t put up with it. They’ll throw their hands in the air, hit the x button and move on to a competitor’s website.


#8 – You’re not optimising.

Keywords, SEO, Google Ranking, it can sound like a foreign language, but they’re important phrases to understand when referring to your website. Thankfully, there are professional services out there, such as the services that we here at adzoo provide, that can take this hassle out of your hands.


#7 – You’re not optimised for mobile traffic.

Our annual analysis of the websites we care for shows a very strong case for the need of mobile optimization. Over 50% of your websites audience will be viewing on a mobile or tablet device. If they can’t view or interact with your website on this medium, they’ll leave.


#6 – Your design.

The 1980’s called….they want their hyper colours back…and step away from the Comic Sans font.  Keep font types to a minimum and make sure they’re readable, same goes for the colours. This is a representation of your brand, not a 90’s blue light disco.


#5 – You’re not reaching out.

Can people easily contact you? Do they know where to find you? Your website should be the bridge between the customer and you, so make sure that your social media and contact details are easily accessible. Your website it also the perfect opportunity in which to build your database; offer some sort of lead generation, a call to action, i.e. a newsletter sign up, free download etc., something that captures the data of your viewer so that you can follow them up later. Email marketing is critical for obtaining ongoing or even catching that sale that you missed. People will sign up for newsletters and updates if they think there’s the chance they’ll get something out of it. Take myself for example, there are a few clothing stores I love, but can never afford at full price, but when I receive a ‘head’s up, we’re having a sale’ email, I find myself becoming a customer and not just an internet stalker.


#4 – You haven’t built trust.

Why would a customer hand over hundreds or even thousands of dollars of their hard-earned cash to you? Your website should reflect your professionalism and respectability. With so many digital scammers out there, it can be hard to judge whether a business is real or not. If your business can boast any awards, government or association certifications or big-name clients, post it. Customer testimonials assist in swaying people and making sure your contact details, including your physical address, cements the belief that you are a real company. Your content also comes into play with building trust, but that’s another point all together.


#3 – You’re not integrating it with social media.

If people like what you say, if you post an interesting blog post or stunning imagery, people will share it. Hooking up social media to your website allows digital word of mouth to spread, along with giving you another avenue with which to interact with and grow your customer database.


#2 – Your content.

Content is everything. Everything. Content explains and defines your business; it shows off the personality, the face, the history of the brand. It is everything. Unfortunately, there are just so many ways to screw this one up. So many, in fact, that we could create an Adzoo’s Top 10 Content Mistakes post all on its own!


#1 – You’re not using a professional.

Call it blatant self-promotion, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to hire a professional. We can make your website stand out, we can make it searchable and we can make sure it’s the best representation of your brand. Give us a call today.


  • Ashayla Webster, Social Community Manager



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