adzoo staff have always been involved informally in supporting a number of causes and charities.


Having recognised that our staff members show a high level of com/passion for their work and each other, we were motivated to launch ‘Zoo Gives Two’ – a formalised corporate volunteering program, which we hope, will have wide-reaching benefits.


The program gives adzoo staff the opportunity to spend one paid day helping out at a charity of their choice, with the aim to inspire them, and the team to realise their talents and use them for worthy causes. A second paid volunteering day will be the collective team working together. In 2015, adzoo’s team volunteering day will be spent supporting the good work of Homeless Connect, helping homeless people in WA.


Homeless Connect brings all of the relevant government and social services providers together in one location to allow homeless people to understand what benefits and services are available to them.


Zoo Gives Two has been officially recognised as a corporate partner of Volunteering WA, the first Western Australian advertising agency to have entered this kind of partnership.


Volunteering WA is the local chapter of Volunteering Australia – a program ratified with the support of both the federal and state governments, allowing our staff to volunteer and have the relevant protection and insurance in place.